Eminem’s Third studio album (after Infinite, and The Slim Shady LP), The Marshall Mathers LP broke Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggystyle record and became the fastest selling rap album  at that point in time. THE REASON BEING: The Hip-Hop world hadn’t seen a character like Slim Shady (in Eminem’s previous album). Slim Shady was a dark, clowny, Mr. I-dont-give-a-Euck character which appealed to everyone. America hadn’t seen a character like Slim Shady that preached violence, profanity, and madness in such a poetic way (hahahahahaha).

Now that the world knew “Who Slim Shady was” (Ref: My name is), it was time for Eminem to show the world who he really is (MARSHALL BRUCE MATHERS III). And for me MMLP just blurred the lines between Slim Shady and Marshall. Eminem gets super personal, and super introspective in this album. The MMLP is one of the biggest selling rap albums of all time. It has been highly critically acclaimed for Marshall’s lyrical abilities.

The album starts off with a small Public Service Announcement which is just hilarious.
Then we get to the track “Kill You”, which in my opinion is a classic, and one of Eminem’s best songs to date. The Intro to the song: is just D.O.P.E.
Next we get to “Stan”, which is arguably Eminem’s best song. “Stan” is Hip-Hop and story-telling at its B.E.S.T. Eminem tells the listeners the story of STAN who is his crazy die-hard fan. The track is just FIRE. And now the word “stan” is used to describe a crazy psycho fan for any artist. (Eminem’s fans like to call themselves STANS).

The next skit on the album is named Paul. The skits and interludes in the album are totally hilarious.
Next we get to the track Who Knew, where Eminem talks bout fame and that he never knew “that he’d get this big”. A good track.
After the Steve Berman skit, we get to the track “The Way I Am”, which again was a huge success as a single too. A dark beat and Em’s “GTFO here” attitude to top it all off in the track.
Next we get to the clowny lead single of the album which is The Real Slim Shady, and if you are not familiar with this track, then you need to call the emergency help line to help to remove the rock under which you have been living.
“Remember Me?” which features a dark production, and guest rappers Sticky Fingaz. Some people may not enjoy this track as much, and I totally understand why. But this is DOPE again for me.
“I’m Back” is more os a Slim Shady track with a great catchy beat. But the hook is too corny.
The next track “Marshall Mathers” is another highlight of this album. A great introspective track, dissing his own mother.

The album sort of reaches a low point when it gets to the corny Ken Keniff skit, which basically mocks Violent J and Shaggy2Dope from the Insane Clown Posse.
Even though Eminem’s verses on the next 2 tracks “drug ballad”, and “Amityville” were decent, I was disappointed by the hooks of these tracks which are way too corny.

Next we get to the track “Bitch Please II” a sequel to “Bitch Please” from Snoop Dogg’s album. This track features Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, and the hook god Nate Dogg. With Dr. Dre producing this track, it was bound to be good. Eminem sorta uses Snoop Dogg’s flow which is really funny.
The track “Under the Influence” was written by Eminem under the influence, it features D12 who were under the influence too! (Eminem just putting D12 on the map yo!)

Next we get to the last song “Criminal” which is my most favorite Eminem song! The Intro, the hook, em’s verses, a short skit in the song, and the beat: just DOPE.

The bonus track “The Kids” is light! I mostly skip the track whenever it’s on!

So that was my in-depth analysis of The MMLP by Eminem. Be sure to leave your comments after reading this. I really like discussions about rap/hip-hop, and even BattleRap.
Also, I would appreciate your feedback on anything and everything, be it my english, my views, my likes, my dislikes, my themes, my designs, the way I write. I will try to take everything into consideration. I will be happy for any feedback that I get.