What in the flying hell did I just listen to!
Such unique and ‘unheard of’ production.
Rhyme schemes that are way ahead of the mainstream rappers.
Lyrical prowess that is just way too much to comprehend.
Absolutely villainous indeed.

I won’t be surprised if someone told me that they didn’t really like the album. Cause it’s not like the other hip-hop which people hear normally. King Honey’s production: GODDAMN!!! It is freaking awesome! Quite sure “King Geedorah” can do it better (just saying, no comparison though haha).

If you’re not familiar with MF DOOM you can go EUCK YOURSELF. HAHAHAHAAAHHAHAHA. Really though! Not many people really know about MF DOOM. People need to who WHO DOOM IS.

Though this isn’t MF DOOM’s first album, I really want to talk about this album first before all my other reviews. Daniel Dumile is known by many monikers, most widely as MF DOOM (inspired by the MARVEL villain), Viktor Vaughn (Dr. Doom’s real name), King Geedorah as a producer, DOOMSTARKS (with Ghostface Killah), and many more names when he collaborates with others.

Vaudeville Villain is a really good album to be introduced to DOOM if not familiar with him. And if you already know DOOM, then I’m quite sure you have this album.

So that’s it on my first Music review. In future I will do an in depth analysis of more albums. (any genre)
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